Here’s what the brilliant individuals in my community have to say about me and my coaching... 

Aleks, I’d like to say how very grateful I am for the incredibly powerful professional coaching sessions. They have helped me realize my true potential through self-actualization. Your observant concise communications supported me to reflect upon resetting my business strategy and goals in turn gaining an enormous amount of confidence with important decision-making as I pursue my new business venture. I’d recommend you without hesitation!

- Beverly, CEO & Founder, Qatar

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Aleks was instrumental in my development as a Partner. The nice thing is that she is able to mix great soft skills with her result-driven ability. Aleks assisted me in reducing the noise in my life, delegating, recruiting more junior support and managing a lot of tricky relationships at the firm. She is such a wonderful and present coach with in-depth experience in the business world and an excellent practical approach!

- Joanna, Partner, San Francisco

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An hour a week is giving me an unfair advantage over my peers who are spinning their wheels in the sand with no plan! Every session, I am able to view my situation from an entirely new angle, and suddenly valuable new perspectives on my current situation and new roads to solutions open up. Absolute no-brainer to get coaching, I’m so grateful for her support!

- Beata, Executive Director, Poland

I decided to work with Aleks because from the beginning we had good chemistry, her approach was straight-forward and we were on the same page. Aleks and I defined the areas that I would like to work on, and set up a road map on how to get there. The biggest challenge was to change my habits, so we defined them and transformed them. It was difficult for me to overcome this myself, but Aleks was always there for me. 

She wants the results and at the end of the day, we got the results. Would I have achieved it without her? Yes for sure, but it would have taken me years to get there, with Aleks we achieved it within four months. It was an investment in myself and it was a great investment.

Aleks is really demanding, she expects you to work hard. But she gives you the road map, but you need to drive yourself – and I love it. If you’re looking for a boost in your business and life, get in touch and just sit down with her to discuss all the changes you would like to make in your life.

- MD, London

Having the best reputation as a sharp, competent and experienced coach, I’ve been wanting to work with Aleks for a long time. Being a CEO, particularly a Startup CEO, is no easy task. The ability to see and understand concepts at both macro and micro levels, move an entire team towards your vision while possessing a deep understanding for each employee, and developing a strategy while technically solving minor issues across a company all require a high level of mental resilience.

Helping embody this resilience is precisely where Aleks brings such incredible value! I’ve had the honor to work with Aleks on these topics in addition to many others. Aleks is a true asset to any founder, whether to a CEO or any other C-suite professional.

- Peter, CEO, Singapore


I really enjoyed my coaching session with Aleks. Her approach is so encouraging yet direct. She is able to help me align with my true self, and guide me to making the right decisions for myself. I went through a lot of reflection stages during our coaching session. She has the ability to make me see things from  different perspectives. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to move forward to make a change. I am grateful for her encouragement, guidance and wisdom. 

- Stephanie, Founder & Start-up Mentor, Malaysia


I have had regular sessions with Aleks over the last couple of months and each time we explored a different topic. We have focussed on career, love life and some personal struggles I have had an how to overcome these. Aleks was great, first of all she explained how coaching works and that there is no wrong answer and she would ask the right questions/guide the conversation to enable me to come to my own conclusion. I liked her ‘stop’ (hand up) to ask me to rephrase which I did and what I was saying sounded so much better – both of these were extremely empowering! 

We set objectives for what I wanted to accomplish, identified my strengths and weaknesses and the various opportunities out there to explore further to help me reach my objectives.  After every session I felt great, uplifted, I had direction and Aleks helped keep me accountable through actions and a follow up to see how I was getting on and delving deeper if needed. The structure of the sessions and the focus was great and the conversation flowed really easily. 2 months on and I have noticed a difference, I went into this process not knowing what to expect and my expectations have been exceeded. Aleks is a natural coach, she has perfected her ability to form interpersonal connections with her clients, making them feel like a friend and constantly has them in mind, I would recommend Aleks to anyone looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself both personally and professionally. Aleks’s has made a huge change to my life!

- Jenny, Portfolio Manager, the UK

For me, the best thing about working with her is her is that she is fully committed to helping me to achieve my objectives. Being a big believer in having someone on my side to help me grow, I decided to work with Aleks because from the beginning we had good chemistry. She is an easy person to work with.

But most importantly, I feel secure in her skills and competence to help me grow as a business owner and entrepreneur. She always shows up fully prepared and is quick at adjusting the sessions to find what is needed to get me what I want. When I reflect on where I was at the beginning of my journey with Aleks to where I am now, I realise that I’ve become more confident in my business. I take more courageous actions, and what is even better, I feel confident about taking them. She wants the best for his clients and shows up prepared to make sure that they see results. If you are a business owner and entrepreneur and looking for a sparring partner who will support and challenge you, then Aleks is your woman! 

- Maria, Consultant, Denmark


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