Frequently Asked Questions ​

Yes, on a rolling basis. Let’s talk first, to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. 

At first, two simple things. I’ll send you: a) a coaching agreement – short, human, and to the point b) a payment link. Once all this is done, we will schedule our first sessions. 

You can reserve a space with your payment to start at a designated time in the future since this is limited participation. I work with 10-15 private clients at a time. This work requires deliberate commitment from both of us

  1. You will run through an update on what’s happening in the key areas we are working on together
  2. We layout the 1-2 things things you would like to work through during that day’s call
  3. We tackle each item together – we will consider possible paths, come up with creative new ones and debate the chess effect of each strategy
  4. We wrap up by summarising your action plan- I also make any macro observations about how your topical issues relate to the larger strategic goals our work is addressing

Coaching traditionally involves the coach listening, reflecting back on what they have heard & helping you get clarity on the best way forward. But if you want me to, I can also provide practical, actionable guidance. Having worked with over 80 VC/PE professionals, I can outline examples of what has worked for others so you can reach your goals faster.

Our sessions are 100% confidential. The confidentiality aspect of our coaching relationship is also addressed in our coaching agreement. My practice fully complies with the Code of Ethics set by the International Coach Federation.

Sessions are via Zoom. I am currently based in Europe and serve clients around the world. Sessions can be scheduled in a way that works for both of us.

I do work with a very small number of existing clients face-to-face in the UK and the EU, generally on an annual or quarterly basis, with Zoom sessions in between. Let’s talk about what’s possible. 

Both are powerful, valid modalities which challenge your perspective. Some people consider therapy more past oriented, and coaching more future oriented. I personally view therapy as more healing oriented, and coaching as more performance oriented.

Coaching is about listening, asking questions, and guiding you to find the resources within yourself to create a change. It requires expertise in the art and process of coaching, not in the subject at hand, and is more focused on helping you achieve your future goals.

Psychotherapy is about treating challenges and symptoms related to deep mental health and emotional issues and helps a person understand their feelings better. 

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